Save Your Planet! Save Your Money!

Energize Ossining is a program I’ve been devoting a lot of time to in recent months.  If you read our local Patch you may already know about next week’s Energize Ossining Community Launch.

Ossining is only the second community to launch an Energize program.  It was successfully piloted in Bedford, NY and will extend to 14 towns in Northern Westchester affiliated with the Northern Westchester Energy Action Consortium (NWEAC) and beyond.  When I interviewed with the Mayor for my position on our Village Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) he encouraged me to get involved with NWEAC.  His advice lead to me becoming a liaison for Energize Ossining, a program which is now poised to bring incredible savings to homeowners in my community—and bonus, we show Mother Nature a little kindness.

Energize Ossining is a collaboration of both the Town and Village of Ossining that will help homeowners reap the benefits of home energy efficiency in a time of record energy costs.  Leadership on environmental and sustainability issues by Ossining’s elected leaders and active community members is the reason Ossining homeowners are among the first to be able to take advantage of this program.

Homeowners from across the Greater Ossining community are invited to come learn more about Energize Ossining.  The initial comprehensive energy efficiency assessment is $0 for nearly all Ossining homeowners.  Homeowners that decide to make efficiency improvements to their home can take advantage of low rate financing.  The amount homeowners save is sometimes even greater than their monthly finance payment—a net savings!  For more information, please visit

Once the evaluation is complete, the results are shared with the homeowner who can determine what home improvements they would like to pursue.  In order to make these changes even easier for homeowners, New York State has introduced a revolutionary new financing mechanism called “On Bill” that lets homeowners pay for improvements on their utility bill and in the amount of their energy savings.

Please join us at the Energize Ossining Community Launch to learn more and ask questions:

Energize Ossining Community Launch

When:            Thursday, March 8th at 7:00pm

Where:              Joseph G. Caputo Community Center, Multipurpose Room, 95 Broadway, Ossining

For more information on Energize Ossining visit

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