Ossining, What are you Eating? Does it Matter?

Where do you buy your food?  Do you buy “organic” or “local” food?  Do you grow your own vegetables?  Does it really matter if we eat GMO food?  How do we even know if we are?

What would you ask area farmers about GMOs and growing organic food?

Summer Documentary Poster For PrintingOn Wednesday, July 31 the Ossining Documentary & Discussion Series once again brings the community together to “watch, enjoy, and engage in conversation”.  This month we’ll begin with a tasting of fresh local produce, then we’ll preview the upcoming documentary GMO OMG and watch Seeds of Freedom, followed by what promises to be a lively and informative discussion.

I’ll be moderating the discussion with our all-star panelists of local food enthusiasts including Trish Vasta from Hemlock Hill Farm, Linsay Cochran of Kitchawan Farm, Brett Alcaro from Hilltop Hanover Farm, and Miriam Haas of Down to Earth Markets.  Down to Earth Markets also joins us as the screening sponsor, helping make it possible for this series to happen.

Everyone who eats, cooks, or buys food has, either passively or actively, developed their own philosophy about what to eat.  That makes everyone qualified to be part of this conversation.  Please join us on Wednesday, July 31 at 6:30 at the Budarz Theater in the Ossining Public Library.

I’d be grateful if you would help me understand what matters to you about food with a question or comment.  If you can’t attend, may be too shy to ask your question during the group discussion, or want to help frame the conversation, please post your question or comment below…


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