The Developer We’ve Got

At tonight’s village board meeting I cast my vote on the Resolution Calling for Approval of Harbor Square Request for Amended Site Plan and Special Use Permit.  I had a few notes scribbled down, but no script.  Here is more or less what I said…

Ossining CoastlineThis was not an easy decision to make.  It took a lot of researching and a lot of soul searching.  Not just because after well over a decade there is a lot of information to unwind and attempt to make sense of.  But because I believe, since its inception, this scheme has been unworthy of the people of Ossining.

Last week Martin Ginsburg visited the Board of Education.  It was a long and intense meeting.  There was one statement that stood out to me.  I watched it a few times online and wrote it down so that I wouldn’t misquote him,

This is a very committed Town and it’s a very committed village.  And yet with all their effort, I don’t believe they will be able to do what they wish to do without our help of doing this type of development on the waterfront.

Hmmph.  That got my Irish up.  After a few minutes I considered the question he implied, does Ossining need Martin Ginsburg?  The answer is no.  But we do need something.  And he’s the developer we’ve got.

My support of this resolution tonight is my plea, my demand, my emphatic request—no more financing schemes, no more renegotiation of things already negotiated.  Build your building.  Build that world class restaurant.  Create a beautiful park on our waterfront.  Build it now.  Build it well.  Make it worthy of the people of Ossining.  Make it worthy of that gorgeous location of the Hudson River that we all love so much.

And if you can’t make it happen, cut your losses and walk away.  Because we do need something to happen.

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