Giving Thanks for John Hawley, An Ossining Legacy

Photo by Marcie Essell McMahon
Photo by Marcie Essell McMahon

Tuesday morning family, friends and grateful community members gathered at St. Ann’s to celebrate the life of John Hawley.  The pews were dotted with dozens of school age kids, often wearing baseball uniforms.  Their presence was a powerful statement of the kindness and generosity of John Hawley.

John’s brother gave a moving eulogy, inspiring laughter to help relieve the tears.  Thanksgiving this year will be painful for the Hawley family.  I pray that in years to come Jennifer and Julianna Hawley, John’s wife and daughter, find some way to celebrate Thanksgiving that honors their love for him as well as invites new chances for gratitude and joy.

John Hawley’s legacy will live on for generations in Ossining.  As a coach he touched the lives of so many young players.  He lead JCYS through a challenging transition.  Kids like my t-ball playing sons, who never knew John Hawley, are among the beneficiaries of his calming, generous service to our community.

This week, like so many others in Ossining, I give thanks for John Hawley.

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