The Season for Giving

OVAC & OFD ContributionsBefore the corks start popping, were you hoping to perform one more act of generosity in 2013?  We live in Ossining, The Volunteer-Spirited Town, and our lives are richer, safer, and happier because of the generosity shared by so many in our community.  Last month, I began using my time during trustees announcements at the start of every village board meeting to highlight a worthy organization in our community.  Beyond board meetings, this practice invited friends on Facebook to enthusiastically call attention to their favorite community groups.

The organizations I highlighted during the meetings were The Baker-Collyer Christmas Cheer Fund, The Open Door Foundation, and Hope’s Door.  Until the snow storm postponed our meeting and we ended up not being televised, it had been my intention to use our final board meeting of the year as a chance to send a big thank you to our emergency responders.  How many times during this season of celebrating with family and friends did I hear sirens, and say a silent prayer of thanks to the fathers, mothers, friends, and neighbors who walked away from their dinner tables, to care for people in our community who were in danger?  Ossining could not function without the remarkable dedication of the members of OVAC and the OFD.

For many organizations, you can donate online in an instant.  If you’re writing a check, ask an accountant, but it’s my understanding that if you date and mail your check on 12/31/13, it can still count as a tax deduction for 2013.  (You just can’t also attempt to claim it again when you do your 2014 taxes).

What Ossining organizations do you contribute your time or money to support?  Last year, in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, I wrote this piece which includes a list of local organizations that our family supported last year.  As many of us struggle to pay our bills, donating money can seem a luxury we can’t afford.  For our family, maintaining a practice of donating even small amounts to the causes we care most about, is a reflection of our values.  And I like to think those small checks add up.

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  1. I liked your report above. I lived in Ossining for 55 years. My wife and I raised 4 children. And my wife ran a daycare in our home foe 23 years with mine and our children’s help when we weren’t working or volunteering. I spent 38 years in the Ossining Fire Dept. and 20 as a Auxiliary Police Officer, I also was a Constable, coached C.Y.O. basketball, coached little league baseball and volunteered in a lot of other community events. All while working a full time Job. But do to the High cost of taxes/living after I retired I had to move and that hurt so bad. May God Bless Ossining.

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