Campaign Announcement

In March I formally announced my candidacy for Mayor of the Village of Ossining.  April 21, I was honored to earn the endorsement of the Ossining Democratic Committee to be the next Ossining Village Mayor.  Below is my first formal announcement of my intentions.  There’s much more to come!

It is not a step I take lightly.  I do so because I feel strongly that we need to move forward with implementing new ideas and more positive change in Ossining.  I do so with the support of my family and hundreds of community members that havictoria headshot b&wve encouraged me to take this step.

For more than the past year, I have talked to citizens that represent a wide cross-section of Ossining.  As Village Trustee I have listened carefully to what people say about our community and how they perceive the current leadership.

It is clear that many citizens agree it is time for fresh leadership in the Village of Ossining.

It is clear that we need a mayor who invites, encourages and respects opinions from throughout the community.  A mayor who listens to all perspectives and makes sure that the community is part of the conversation.  A mayor who is open to new ideas.

We need strategic planning that contributes to a balanced growth in our economy—one with new businesses and new jobs, as we see happening in other communities.  We need a mayor who honors Ossining’s history with an eye toward a vibrant future for generations to come.  We need a mayor who recognizes the importance of strong collaboration with our schools, neighboring villages and the Town of Ossining.

One of Ossining’s most important resources is our diversity.  We need to develop an environment that will help integrate all of our citizens in the community, including our growing Hispanic community.

As parents of a family with two young children, my husband and I understand the need to live within our budget and expect our government, at every level, to do the same.  I am committed to keeping our taxes in check and reducing the burden on all of us, young and old.

My record of involvement in community affairs, both listening and acting, as well as my reputation as a respectful and respected leader, will present a clear choice for the voters.  In the weeks and months ahead, I will work hard to earn your trust and to make it clear why it is time for change in our village.

Since January I have been asking community members to share their thoughts in an online survey of what we can do better in Ossining, gathering a community-wide aggregation of opinions.  Finding ways to connect with community members is essential to understanding the needs and values of Ossining residents.  If you have not yet had an opportunity to complete the survey, I invite you to now by clicking here.

Today, I appeal to the voters to support my candidacy and ultimately vote for me on November 4, 2014.

To donate to the campaign please click here. Campaign donations are not tax deductible.

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