Citizen Advisors Please Apply!

Seek elected office not to hold power over the people you represent, rather to empower the people you serve.

Blitz TeamThat is the message I heard loud and clear at a conference I attended weeks before I took office as Village Trustee. As I prepare now to take office as Mayor, one way that I am fulfilling that guiding principle is to encourage community members to attend the Land Use and Sustainable Development Conference hosted by Pace Land Use Law Center on December 5. This year’s focus is “Transitioning Communities.”

If your schedule may allow you to attend this day-long conference, do not let the cost ($150 general admission, $85 student/nonprofit/government) be a barrier to attending. You can apply to receive one of the three scholarships that are available for Ossining residents from Friends of Victoria Gearity. Money raised by that fund continues to serve the mission of my campaign for mayor by empowering people who want to make a difference for our community. Helping people become well-informed community advisors is a worthy investment.

I’ve attended several conferences and leadership trainings at the Pace Land Use Law Center, and am always impressed by the caliber of speakers and participants who attend. It is sure to be a valuable experience for any Ossining resident who is interested in helping us address our changing demographics and community needs; understand the impact of development; and identify how we may transition toward sustainability, disaster recovery, and economic revitalization.

If you or someone you know would like to apply for a scholarship to attend, please complete the form below by November 30. Recipients will be notified on Monday, December 1. Remember, anyone can register on their own. But the date is approaching, so do not delay.

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