Welcoming a New Manager

Abe welcome pic    It is my privilege to announce that Abe Zambrano will be Ossining’s next Village Manager. We on the Board of Trustees know he is going to do a terrific job, and we are very excited for him to step into that position on May 27.
    Abe is no stranger to Ossining. Before advancing his career in our neighboring Village of Croton, Abe worked right upstairs in our finance department.
    During our search process we learned there are a lot of terrific managers. Thankfully we found Abe Zambrano, and he is the perfect fit for the Village of Ossining. He has demonstrated an incredible work ethic and a desire to work with department heads to improve efficiency and productivity.
    The process for selecting Abe to be the next Village Manager has strengthened the cohesiveness of this Board. We wisely hired Don Marra of Marra Consulting to guide the search process. Don met with 15 village department managers and key staff members to understand their experience and priorities.  And he also challenged the five of us on this Board to clarify our priorities. There were 17 applicants interested in this position—which is a testament to the desirability of our community. It also meant that we had an incredible group of candidates to consider for the position. The process was comprehensive and efficient. What is perhaps most impressive and reassuring is the result. The five of us are unified in this decision. Y es muy bueno que Abe habla espanol.
    We look forward to Abe’s leadership in furthering our goals of improving communication, government efficiency and a vibrant economy. The first three months of 2015 have been very productive and exciting for this Board. But no single decision will have as great an impact on our local government as the selection of Abe Zambrano to be our next Village Manager. We have great confidence in his success, and know that he will serve Ossining with integrity and dedication.
    We on the Village Board of Trustees look forward to Abe’s leadership in furthering our goals of improving communication, government efficiency and a vibrant economy. We anticipate great success in these efforts as Abe improves the day to day functioning of the village, and strengthens our relationships with residents, businesses and community organizations.

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  1. I am skeptical not cynical but use of “terrific,” “perfect” and “great success” sounds more like public relations hype than real government which is tough and often devisive. Even Lincoln and FDR were not perfect. Good luck. Bob Minzesheimer

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