Welcome Trustee Rika Levin!

Please join me in welcoming Rika Levin to the Ossining Village Board of Trustees! Last week Rika was sworn in to fill the vacancy left by former Trustee Omar Herrera. Monday evening, the Ossining Democratic Committee voted for Rika Levin to keep her seat through 2016 by becoming our candidate on the November 3 ballot. Rika Levin will also be on the Independence Party line.

Trustee Quezada, Trustee Levin, Mayor Gearity

I was honored to place Rika Levin’s name into nomination at the Ossining Democratic Committee meeting, “Trustee Levin brings a wealth of experience to the Board from her career in the corporate and nonprofit worlds. She has put her MBA to work managing budgets and marketing strategies in the private sector; and now her skills will be for the benefit of Ossining taxpayers.”

Trustee & Deputy Mayor Manuel Quezada added, “Rika Levin has an outstanding record of leadership. As a Trustee, her knowledge and experience will bring great assets to the Board and to our residents. We are fortunate to have someone with Rika’s background and level of commitment to our community. I am pleased to announce I strongly endorse her candidacy.”

Trustee Rika Levin thanked the Democratic Committee for their endorsement, “I am honored to have been appointed Village of Ossining Trustee and look forward to using my many years of diverse business experience to the betterment of the Village of Ossining.”

The Village Board of Trustees is directed by its Charter to fill any vacancy by appointment until an election is held. Earlier this month, the Village Board of Trustees interviewed nine candidates, and selected Rika Levin to serve via appointment through the end of 2015. My colleagues and I on the Board of Trustees enjoyed the process of interviewing the nine candidates who stepped up and asked for this position. Applicants included community volunteers and business owners, and represented a wide range of experience. Each person we interviewed demonstrated a sincere desire to serve Ossining as trustee; provided us a different lens through which to view the community and village government; and would have contributed to the make up of this Board in a unique way.

The wealth of talents and skills that Rika brings, rounds out the current and incoming make-up of the BOT. We found her to be, not only intelligent, but thoughtful and independent-minded. Chief among her assets is Trustee Levin’s career in both the corporate and non-profit worlds, which have provided her with a depth of experience managing significant and complex budgets. Her Masters in Business Administration from NYU’s Stern School of Business has served her well, and we look forward to taking advantage of it this fall as we enter budget season.

Trustee Levin will also be a force in helping this Board achieve our goal of improved outreach to the public. In her current position as Director of Marketing & Communications at the nonprofit community center JCC of Mid-Westchester, she has seen great success in the creation and execution of marketing, communications and social media strategies.

Following the September 8 resignation of former Trustee Omar Herrera, the Board of Elections notified all political parties that there will be a vacancy for village trustee, a one-year unexpired term for 2016. Political parties had the opportunity to put a name on their line of the ballot for the one-year term. Please join me in welcoming Rika Levin to the Board of Trustees and supporting her in November! She will appear on both the Democratic and Independence Party lines!

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