Community Connections

Walking the waterfrontOne of the most enjoyable additions to my work as Mayor this year has been the Weekly Walks. Later this month the Board of Trustees Office will have a new decoration–a map of the Village with a bunch of streets highlighted. This will help me keep track of how close I am to my goal of walking every block of the Village.

I sure am enjoying the journey. Thanks to all the folks who have joined me. Sometimes we chat and pause more than walk; sometimes we walk briskly uphill. On every walk, I learn from my fellow walkers and the streets themselves. There has been only one week canceled from rain, though we’ve walked in sprinkles a couple of times. Occasionally I walk on my own. I welcome the solitude as much as the comradery. Thanks to all the repeat walkers and one-time adventurers. It’s a real pleasure to explore our community together.

One of the more challenging, and sometimes divisive, conversations this year has been on the roundabout. After 20 months of considering the pros and cons, and bringing the design documents to the point of being ready to go out to bid, the Board defunded the project. Here’s a letter I wrote reflecting on this topic. While the roundabout is on the shelf for now, the Downtown Redevelopment Working Committee is working diligently to prepare recommendations on the much broader question of how to move forward redevelopment of our downtown.

Do you receive an email from me every Monday? If not, send me a quick message ( telling me to sign you up. Here’s a list of past Monday Mayor Messages. I established this practice of weekly communication at the start of this year. It’s proving to be an effective way to keep folks informed about what the Board is up to, as well as announcing when and where each Weekly Walk will happen!


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