Moratoriums Don’t Help Move Us Forward: Why New Rochelle won a $10 million development grant—and Ossining didn’t

Congratulations to our friends in New Rochelle for being awarded the $10M Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) Grant. This is the first time a Westchester community has won.

Ossining was a finalist again this year for the DRI. We have applied all three of the years it has been available, and we have been finalists twice. The DRI candidates in the Mid Hudson Region of the Regional Economic Development Councils (REDC) face stiff competition. Ossining’s submission this year was excellent, thanks to the hard work and expertise of a team of people in Village government and the community. New Rochelle didn’t beat us because our submission wasn’t good enough. They beat us because they have demonstrated a commitment and a capacity for economic development.

For years I’ve attended conferences and heard about the New Rochelle Approach. New Rochelle’s approach begins with involving the whole community to establish clear priorities, and then determine parameters and incentives to achieve them. They institutionalized a process that operates smoothly regardless of any momentary political strife. A developer looking to consider New Rochelle knows exactly what they need to provide to the city, and the approval process for their application takes 60-90 days.  This streamlined process means that instead of a developer spending years and lots of money in the approval process, they can invest more into the project—investing more into achieving the goals of our community.NR DRI map

The REDC will only entrust $10M to a community with leadership that is committed to smart economic development. New Rochelle sent a clear message to the DRI decision makers that they are committed to smart economic development that reflects their community’s priorities.

Unfortunately, the current political climate in Ossining sent a very different message. When my opponent began publicly calling for a moratorium as a top priority in his vision for the future, the Village lost any chance of being awarded the DRI for 2018.

One clear challenge for Ossining to consider is how do we balance our desire for high quality housing at all income levels, with a crowded school system. The good news is, we are now refocusing our efforts on comprehensive planning. While the $10M DRI grant would expand our capabilities and resources for economic development planning, we have a strong foundation to build on—so long as we have leadership that is committed to smart growth driven by community priorities. We are fortunate to have Village Planner Tracey Corbitt on board to help guide the process.

It is time to work with all our community partners to establish a vision for who Ossining will be in the next 5, 10 and 20 years. Ossining working together is how we are all successful. In just a few weeks, we will know the outcome of the election. The voters will determine our path forward.

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