Inauguration 2015 headshotTo send me an email of a political or non-official nature, just complete the below form. To contact me with a question or concern in my official capacity as Mayor, please email me at To receive a weekly Monday Mayor’s Message by email, click here and sign up.

When you see me around the Village, stop and introduce yourself.  If you’re on Facebook, “like” the Mayor Victoria Gearity page.  If you want to contribute to the campaign, please click here or send a check to:  “Friends of Victoria Gearity”  57 Prospect Avenue, Ossining, NY  10562.

I represent all the residents of Ossining.  Tell me something I don’t know…about you…about Ossining’s history…about what you envision for Ossining.

Fondly,   Victoria

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  1. Dear Victoria, I read with interest your remarks on the current state of our community here in Ossining. Thank your for your commitment and your service.
    I remember when we first met, at your home, when I responded to an invitation to participate in a phone marathon on behalf of then Senator Barak Obama’s campaign for the presidency of the US. Those were exciting years, crowned by the amazing election results which sent him into office. (If I remember correctly, your older son was in the cradle at the time). I was impressed with your interest and dedication to your then new community and to our country. Since then I have witnessed your further contributions to and active participation in local government politics. I feel compelled to congratulate you on your years of service and to THANK YOU for your many efforts on behalf of our community. You certainly deserve to take the time out to focus on your family, however long that might take, and I look forward to your return to public service whenever the time is right for you to do so.
    Suzanne Gallagher

    1. Thank you Suzanne for your kind words. I remember meeting you during that landmark moment in our nation.

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