Suzie Vic PicParents, especially mothers, were offended by comments made by my opponent.  It seemed hard to believe that the current mayor would suggest that any candidate is less capable of serving her community as mayor because she is a parent.  So Suzie Ross asked my opponent’s campaign if she was, perhaps, misunderstanding the intention of the current mayor’s comment.  Here’s what she learned, and why her support of my candidacy grew stronger in the wake of this exchange.

526323_282047755270463_1003947821_nFormer Mayor Miguel Hernandez continues to serve Ossining as a member of the Historic Preservation Commission and the Ossining Historical Society.  He has a deep appreciation for the role that village government can play in the success of a community if it works collaboratively with the people it serves.  His enthusiastic letter of endorsement not only explains why he is supporting me for mayor, Miguel reminds us of the importance of casting our precious vote.

Vic & ThomasinaIn April I was honored by the overwhelming support for my candidacy from the Ossining Democratic Committee.  I won their endorsement with greater than two-thirds of the vote.  This piece includes not only my comments, but the enthusiastic endorsement of past Village Trustees who understand the importance of bringing new leadership to the Ossining Village Board.

In March I announced that I would run for Mayor of Ossining.  Here’s an interview following that announcement.


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