Community Connections

One of the most enjoyable additions to my work as Mayor this year has been the Weekly Walks. Later this month the Board of Trustees Office will have a new decoration--a map of the Village with a bunch of streets highlighted. This will help me keep track of how close I am to my goal of... Continue Reading →


Our Strength is in our Unity of Purpose

Tonight Ossining came together with messages of peace and unity. Here are the words I shared: I am honored and proud to be the Mayor of this beautiful Village, and to be here tonight with all of you! I find inspiration and guidance in the words of great leaders whose influence has contributed to who... Continue Reading →

Junior Mayor for the Day

Christian served as Junior Mayor for the Day last week. His parents won him the opportunity in the Ossining MATTERS online auction. What a remarkable young man! He arrived with a prepared list of questions. I think we addressed them all and much more.  We traveled across Ossining visiting many of the people who make our local government function so... Continue Reading →

Bernie Supporter

PRIMARY ELECTION DAY! NYS registered voters in the Democratic and Republican parties have an opportunity to help select a Presidential candidate today. My vote is for Bernie Sanders. Since becoming mayor, I rarely make public statements about national political issues. But today is an important day for voters to take action. Plus, my rationale for... Continue Reading →

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