v 3As a parent of two young children in the Ossining School District, Victoria is pleased to represent the Village Board of Trustees on the Intermunicipal Leadership Council.  She understands firsthand the challenges the school district faces with an increasing enrollment and limited space.  Victoria is optimistic that new voices and an increasing level of engagement from officials of the village, town, and school can lead to creative ways for these entities to solve problems and work together.

Victoria Gearity takes seriously the responsibility to spend tax dollars wisely.  She believes there are opportunities for efficiency and change, and that means all ideas must be on the table for consideration.  Residents who responded to the online survey that she sent out this winter provided clear indications of their priorities, as well as areas where residents may be willing to make changes to services that are provided by the village.  Trustee Gearity is well versed in opportunities for how Ossining can take advantage of cost saving initiatives in the areas of energy and waste management.  She serves on the executive committee of the Northern Westchester Energy Action Consortium (NWEAC), a nonprofit that serves its member municipalities with shared resources and intellectual capital that enables our village to offer efficiency opportunities to our residents.  Victoria is also part of the steering committee working to establish Sustainable Westchester, which will expand the mission of NWEAC, strengthening the efficiency and savings opportunities available to Ossining residents.

Engaging community members in discussions about issues that matter was Victoria’s motivation for conceiving the Ossining Documentary & Discussion Series.  In 2013 she invited a few residents to join her in creating the series, and the committee has successfully established a forum where residents come together each month to discuss issues ranging from bullying to civil rights to environmentalism.  Victoria Gearity is often in the role of moderator for the discussion, and relishes the chance to collaborate with the Ossining Public Library, the Ossining Arts Council, documentary filmmakers, panelists, and community members.  The series is a 2014 recipient of an ArtsWestchester grant, ensuring programming will continue to grow.

Before her election to the Village Board of Trustees, Victoria Gearity started and ran her own successful business, Birthing From Within Westchester, helping first-time parents prepare for childbirth.

She continues to serve as liaison to the program that assists homeowners in upgrading their homes so they can save money, reduce their carbon footprint, be more comfortable, and increase their home value.

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