Headshot forced smileSince taking office in 2015, Mayor Victoria Gearity has transformed the way Village government communicates with the community. She recently completed her series of Weekly Walks where residents joined her on a journey to cover all 44 miles of Village roadways. Initiatives like Open Office Hours and Weekly Walks have dramatically increased accessibility, allowing her to connect with residents in less formal settings. Improved transparency of our public meetings began by creating our Village YouTube Channel that resulted from a simple request I made to our technology department. And the change to keep cameras rolling during Visitor Recognition ensures that when residents speak with their officials during a Legislative Session, the whole community can hear their concerns. The Monday Mayor’s Message helps residents understand the context of agenda items and updates readers on key initiatives being considered by the Board. The launch of the new Village website was a long time coming. It is already making information easier to locate, and plans are underway to expand its value for residents.

Beyond her work for the Village, Victoria is mother to two young sons in the Ossining Schools, and wife to a local business owner. She entered politics through a pathway of environmentalism and continues to further sustainability through municipal programs like LED streetlights and 100% renewable energy through Community Choice Aggregation. As cofounder and moderator of the Ossining Documentary & Discussion Series, Victoria shares an evening each month exploring issues that matter with engaged community members.

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