We All Have a Role to Play

Levon on his first trip to our state capital.  He spent the day with his father, working to save mother earth.
Levon on his first trip to our state capital.

Today I am an especially proud wife and mother.

Engaging in our democracy is a core value in our family.  Last night Paxton was recounting the trip he took to Albany with Dada to fight the dragons when he was four.  (Pax and Eric attended a rally to support labor in the wake of Scott Walker’s dismantling of collective bargaining in WI.)  He explained to his little brother, “so now it’s your turn.”  Pax then asked his father, “When is it Mama’s turn to go to Albany?”

He spent the day one-on-one with his father, fighting to save mother earth.
He spent the day one-on-one with his father, fighting to save mother earth.

My turn comes on Sunday.  I’m headed up to our state capital to participate in the New York Conference of Mayors‘ Winter Legislative Meeting.  Tonight I’ll attempt to explain to the boys that there are many ways to honor our democracy.  Whether voting at the ballot box, writing a check, holding a sign, attending a hearing, getting informed, or running for office—in order for our democracy to thrive, we all have a role to play.

Want to learn more about hydrofracking and how you can make a difference?  One organization that’s working hard on this issue is Riverkeeper, based right here in Ossining.  Also, the Working Families party has been out front on this.  And today’s event was organized by Frack Action.

Activists gathered on the "million dollar staircase."
Activists gathered on the “million dollar staircase.”

Supporting Local Businesses with Fun Raising

The Craft Beer Tasting & Pool Party was a big success thanks in large part to the generosity and hard work of our hostess County Legislator Catherine Borgia and several local businesses.  Supporting local businesses is a core value for my family.  It reinforces our goals for preserving our environment, growing our local economy, rewarding ingenuity & customer service, and just old-fashioned looking out for your neighbor.  Some of the local business that directly supported this event were:

The Mike Risko Music School    Sterling Sweets   Charms by Amy  and  The Pastures Grass-Fed Free Range Beef  (at the Ossining Farmers Market)

Bill Hanauer brings such passion to his work as Mayor of Ossining.
Catherine Borgia was such a generous hostess. She’s a fantastic cook and throws a great party. One more terrific reason to become active with the Ossining Democratic Committee!
Life-size lawn signs will be ready in October. Will you post one at your Ossining home? Send me a message below if you can!

David Carlucci made at least four trips across the Tappan Zee on that Saturday. He’s working hard to get to know the Ossining voters he seeks to represent now that his NYS Senate district includes Rockland and Ossining.

I’m not sure what Sandy Galef and I found so hilarious, but I love this picture. She takes her role as public servant seriously, but is joyfully light-hearted about the rest of life.

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