Vic’s Views

Writing is one way that I deepen and clarify my beliefs on things that matter to me.  Another is to engage in conversations (live or virtual) with people who share my beliefs and especially with people who see things differently.  My views are ever evolving, just like me.  And they are informed by all that I am and have been…woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, homemaker, childbirth mentor, teacher, producer, marketer, social worker, class-mom, Quaker, citizen, activist, environmentalist, voter, taxpayer, writer, reader…

We marched with IATSE Local 52 in this year's NYC Labor Day parade.
We marched with IATSE Local 52 in this year's NYC Labor Day parade.

You can find me elsewhere online in a few different spots.  In 2010 I began my small business, Birthing From Within Westchester.  I help parents prepare for childbirth.  If all parents had access to classes like those that I teach, children and families would be healthier and happier.

I also edit and contribute to the monthly newsletter published by the Chappaqua Friends Meeting where my family and I worship.  I’m grateful for the opportunity this provides to help me focus my thoughts on spirituality beyond Sunday morning worship.

Since announcing that I’m seeking the Democratic Party endorsement to run for trustee on the Ossining Village Board, The Patch is now carrying my blog.

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