Candidate Conversations

I’m running for Ossining Village Trustee to represent every resident of our community.  The best way to do that is to visit every neighborhood and hear from every willing voice.  Would you like to host a Candidate Conversation at your home or condo complex?  If yes, please send me a message below.
Ossining folks representing a wide range ages and years in the community, came together to share ideas.

At a recent Candidate Conversation at the home of my friend and supporter Andrea Kimmich-Keyser, I had an opportunity to hear from many Ossining residents I’d not met before.  They shared perspectives about their experience in our community and visions for our future.

Once we all had a chance to indulge in Andrea’s delicious food, she lead us in a group discussion.  In an effort to focus our ideas, we began with a list of things we love about Ossining, including our:  waterfront, parks, trails, pool, train, public schools, farmers market, architecture, history, library…

After identifying many of the positive elements of our community, we moved on to exploring objectives that will nourish our existing strengths and grow new ones.  There were many specific suggestions, and I also heard familiar themes relating to improving communication and Ossining’s image.

I thoroughly enjoyed my evening.  It was a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and generate momentum.  As a Village Trustee I will look to these active and engaged community members for ideas and support to make Ossining an increasingly vibrant place to live.

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