Help Make Change Happen

I am running for Mayor because we need a village government that is open and accessible to the people who live in this great community. As Trustee, I have heard again and again that our leadership is not listening. As Mayor, I will listen.

I need your help to make that happen.  Thanks to early contributions from supporters like you, the campaign raised enough to start us off.  Will you donate $40 to cover the cost of ten lawn signs for your neighborhood? How about $100 toward postage costs for get-out-the-vote mailings? Or even $200 toward printing costs for campaign outreach material?

Ossining is a great place to live; however, we do have challenges. Development is the greatest and most complex challenge our village will address in the coming years. Now is the time to focus on growing retail development, which offers greater tax revenue, improved quality of life, and lower stress on municipal services. I have worked diligently to improve engagement between the school district and the village regarding development, and one tangible result of my efforts is a recent analysis by our village planner of the impact that residential development has had on demographic shifts in the Ossining schools. It is a first step toward acknowledging the importance of engagement throughout the process of making decisions that will have a lasting effect on Ossining’s schools and municipal services.

Finding smart solutions through collaboration is critical to the Village of Ossining maintaining a sustainable infrastructure while we reduce expenses. I’m honored to serve on the executive committee of the Northern Westchester Energy Action Consortium (NWEAC). Through my work with NWEAC, I have championed the Energize Ossining program, which helps residents lower their energy costs and carbon footprint. My position has also led me to promote a Complete Streets policy for the village, which would improve the safety of our roadways, reduce unnecessary vehicle traffic, and draw more consumers to our business districts.

I am proud to have led the crafting of the first beekeeping legislation of its kind in Westchester County. Thanks to collaboration with community members, area beekeepers, and village officials, we established a law promoting responsible beekeeping while protecting the health and safety of residents.

During my first year in office, I co-founded the Ossining Documentary & Discussion Series. I am proud to act as moderator each month for this forum where community members engage on issues that matter.

I believe that the best ideas and decisions come from open dialogue with all stakeholders. I see listening and communicating as essential to my role as Trustee, and I believe that this approach must be brought to the Mayor’s office as well in order for any real change to take place.

The Democratic Primary on September 9 will be won or lost by our ability to motivate voters to get to the polls. Only with your support can we spread the word on the clear choice the voters have.

Headshot V MayOnly with you on our side can we amplify our message enough to ensure that the ballot lever is not pulled out of long habit or lack of awareness.

I need your help to make that happen.

Please know that any amount will help us change Ossining government for the better. 

Thank you in advance for your support!

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