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Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 7.08.49 AMPRIMARY ELECTION DAY! NYS registered voters in the Democratic and Republican parties have an opportunity to help select a Presidential candidate today. My vote is for Bernie Sanders.

Since becoming mayor, I rarely make public statements about national political issues. But today is an important day for voters to take action. Plus, my rationale for supporting Bernie Sanders is emblematic of how and why I serve as mayor.

My unequivocal top concern for America’s future is the corporatization of our democracy. Right now all major policy legislation (healthcare, gun control, energy, dietary recommendations, agriculture, military spending, income taxes…) are dictated not by the people of this nation to protect our inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but by corporations to maximize profits for shareholders.

If Hillary Clinton is the nominee after this summer’s Democratic convention, then in November I will gladly vote for our first woman president. She is arguably the most qualified person to run for president in many lifetimes.

But unless and until then, I will enthusiastically support Bernie Sanders. My reason is as simple as this—I want a president who surrounds him/herself with brilliant minds that represent the needs of ordinary Americans like me, and my family and my community. I do not want the CEOs of Monsanto, Exxon, Pfizer, Walmart and Goldman Sachs in the Oval Office influencing policy decisions. Corporations have teams of lawyers and lobbyists to look out for their interests everyday in the market place. I want my government to be looking out for me and you, and my children’s children.

Our founding fathers had it right. Our government exists of, for, and by the people. So, how could I vote for anyone but Bernie Sanders? He’s the first national candidate of my lifetime who realizes that our democracy needs serious help getting back to those core principles.

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Victoria Gearity

American Citizen, Voter, Taxpayer, Environmentalist, Mother, Wife, Mayor

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  1. Good Morning Victory. I am a big supporter of you, but in all respect I and most people I know don’t feel that Bernie Sanders is the best choice, I am sure that the voters will see that Hillary is the best choice against Trump. Have a good day.

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