The Dream Team

President & First Lady Obama and President & Secretary Clinton,

This week I was elected to serve my second term as Mayor of the Village of Ossining; just a few miles from Chappaqua. Two years ago, I became the first woman elected Mayor here. My sons have only ever known a world where half their classmates are native Spanish speakers, and their president is black. They certainly wanted Hillary to win, but the idea of a woman becoming president was refreshingly unremarkable to them.

Madam Secretary, as I watched you in your purple lapels—your strength, your authenticity, your composure—you gave me hope. I envisioned the four of you leading us as a team. You are the most stunningly intelligent and visionary collection of people ever to inhabit the White House. Will you please be the team that leads our country to achieve the impossible?

screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-11-28-11-pmYou don’t need to wear capes. The mere image of the four of you working together is awe-inspiring. With no more campaigns to run, no more offices to hold, you are free from the constraints imposed by the pragmatism demanded by compromise.

The results of this election affirmed one truth—the impossible can become reality. We do not know how our nation will react to the absurdity that will take office on January 20. We do know, that millions of Americans, in fact a majority of voters, want a different path.

I am struck by the unique opportunity our nation has to benefit from the power of the four of you speaking with one voice in this critical moment for America. I implore you to use your status as beloved, brilliant statesmen and stateswomen, to light a brighter path than ever seemed possible: a climate policy that is truly renewable, nuclear-free, and carbon-free; a democracy where the voices of individuals are stronger than corporations and lobbyists; medicare for all; healthcare and agricultural systems that prioritize prevention over prescriptions and pesticides; progressive state legislatures that redraw district lines to reflect the will of the people; and a nation that values women—our dignity, our contributions, and our strength.

The next progressive leaders will rise. But there are none yet who can rival the influence of any one of you alone—nevermind the four of you together. President Clinton, you have set a high bar for service in the world after serving in the White House. It is my fervent wish that the dream team of you four inspiring Americans will help us envision the impossible becoming possible, right here at home. Charting a path for the next four years, unfettered by the limitations of elected office, may be the greatest legacy you could bestow upon our nation.

If I may ever be of service to any of you directly, I would be honored. Meanwhile, I’ll continue serving my family and my village to the best of my ability. That’s about as far as my dreams can reach right now.

With admiration & gratitude for you all,

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 6.14.36 AM

Victoria Gearity

4 thoughts on “The Dream Team

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  1. Victoria, Wow… in the midst of all of this shock and anxiety, to come up with such an optimistic and hopeful stance… Don’t know how you do it, but it’s really admirable…

    Congratulations on your second term!… Looking forward to seeing you and Eric soon.


  2. Bravo, Victoria! Thank you for expressing your thoughts so eloquently. This is a rough 4 years ahead, and we need many voices like yours.

  3. Eloquently said…admire you for your thoughts…..but ..dream team,I cannot agree…actually the thought of ot. Terrifies me. …anyway…congratulations on your win …if you run for president I will vote for you in a heart beat…I do not believe in voting for the party…they are not smart anymore. Anyway,I am delighted for you and wish you the best…..I still love you anyway…hi to aub and Sylvia..

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