Experience Matters, Elections Matter

Tomorrow, you, the Ossining community, will exercise your right to vote. I am grateful to have served these last four years, and I am asking for your support again tomorrow.

My opponent agrees with me on many positions, but we differ on some very basic points. 

  • I advocate for smart growth guided by a vision shaped by the community. My opponent calls for a moratorium.
  • I have maintained a 0% tax rate increase for the past two years, and I am now entering my sixth budget season. My opponent has never voted on a budget.
  • I support the recommendations of the Housing Needs Assessment—a multi-pronged approach including an economic development strategy, comprehensive plan update, and progressive affordable housing legislation. My opponent disregarded the recommendations of the Housing Needs Assessment in favor of ETPA, a 40+ year old NYS rent stabilization program that will shift the tax burden, making Ossining less affordable for most residents.
  • I believe in civility and professionalism in government. My opponent uses public meetings for grandstanding and attempts at bullying.
  • I have championed initiatives to promote Ossining as an inclusive and safe village for the LGBTQ community, including the first gender neutral bathroom signage policy for a municipality in NYS, and advocating for the establishment of the Ossining LGBTQ Alliance. My opponent has said he supports the LGBTQ community.
  • I have established a more open and transparent government than ever before existed in our village with Open Office Hours, the Monday Mayor’s Message, Weekly Walks, keeping cameras rolling for public comments, and launching a new website. My opponent talks a lot about transparency and open government. Meanwhile, he violates NYS Open Meetings laws by gaining consensus among Trustees through phone calls rather than during a public meeting, and has failed to file his last two mandatory disclosure reports with the NYS Department of Campaign Finance.
  • Row A All the WayI have been endorsed by leaders in village, town, county and state government. My opponent failed to get the endorsement of the Ossining Democratic Committee, despite being a member years longer than I have. He then lost the Democratic primary and is running in the General Election on another party’s line.
  • I entered politics through a pathway of environmentalism. I served on the Village Environmental Advisory Council, the Executive Board of the Northern Westchester Energy Action Consortium, and the steering committee that established Sustainable Westchester. The first legislation I spearheaded was to allow beekeeping in the Village, and our legislation is now the most progressive in the county. I introduced and advocated for the Village to adopt a Complete Streets Policy. I initiated and championed transitioning to LED streetlights—saving taxpayers over $100K dollars annually and reducing our carbon footprint. When asked, my opponent cites his participation in Stash the Trash, and being supportive of environmental initiatives introduced and championed by me.

In a moment when our nation is divided like never before, our community has identified shared priorities. Experience matters. Elections matter. I hope you will get out and vote tomorrow, and encourage friends to as well. And I hope I have earned your support for another term.

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