The Community is Grieving

Ossining is grieving the tragic loss of Gregory Jackson. This weekend friends, family and community members gathered for a vigil. Hundreds have contributed to a GoFundMe page set up in his memory, already exceeding the campaign’s goal.

The loss of a life so young forces us to face mortality head-on, and hopefully we learn to cherish each day more deeply. As a young woman I attended too many funerals for classmates and friends who died tragically. My heart aches for Gregory’s family and friends.

Gregory JacksonI am not someone who speaks frequently about my faith, but today I will. “Holding someone in the light” is an expression Quakers use to describe the intention of our prayer. Sometimes I also find it helpful to light a candle as I focus my prayer and open my heart to the light. Today I light a candle and pray for the memory of Gregory Jackson, may the lives he touched be inspired by his spirit each day. I pray for his family, may they grow stronger and closer through the bonds of shared pain as well as shared gratitude for experiencing 21 years with Gregory. I pray for justice, may the law enforcement investigation result in a conviction that makes us all safer. I pray for our community, may the outpouring of love in this moment of intense grief foster greater compassion for all Ossining residents.

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