Decisions Are Made by Those Who Show Up

I remember on my 18th birthday when the gift I selected to open first was a manila envelope, my mother said, “Well that’s appropriate.”  Inside was a voter registration form.  That’s the day I signed-up as a member of the Democratic Party. I’ve been a consistent voter and avid follower of national politics, but it wasn’t until recent years that I’ve come to understand how democracy works at the grassroots level.  And I’m still learning more all the time.

Wednesday, April 24 I will attend the Westchester County Democratic Committee Convention.  Did you even know that event existed?  It’s a mini version of a national party convention.  The vote I’m most excited to cast is for Noam Bramson.  He’s seeking the Committee’s nomination to challenge Rob Astorino in November to become our new Westchester County Executive.

Here’s a brief video his campaign has put together so you can learn more about him. 

As the mayor of New Rochelle, Noam has demonstrated a talent for collaboration, forward-looking vision, and a powerful work ethic.  He launched and guided a range of initiatives that have had a significant impact on New Rochelle’s government and community.  These include writing New Rochelle’s award-winning GreeNR Sustainability Plan and establishing a Citizens’ Panel on Sustainable Budgets.  Noam has aggressively pursued grant funding that has helped hire new firefighters; provide youth & young adult job training & placement; repair parks damaged by storms; and improve downtown code enforcement.

Noam’s mayoral leadership extends far beyond legislating.  He is an engaged decision-maker who works closely with the city manager and members of the city staff to advance public priorities.  He also serves as the city’s chief advocate for economic development and intergovernmental relations.  In his eight years as mayor, Noam has earned incredible bipartisan support, taking 79% of the vote in the last election.

To this point, Noam’s campaign has been to earn the nomination to be County Executive.  If he wins a majority of votes from District Leaders on Wednesday, you’ll get to learn a lot more about this remarkable man that I so enthusiastically endorse to be our next Westchester County Executive.

It’s an exciting time to be a District Leader.  As you read this, if you are wishing you could be part of the decision-making about what names will be on the ballot next time, I’ll gladly put you in touch with the Ossining Town Democratic Committee leaders so you can learn more about getting involved.  In politics, as in life, decisions are made by those who show up.

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