Settling Our Yard For a Long Winter’s Nap

Eric mows most of our leaves into awesome mulch.
Eric mows most of our leaves into awesome mulch.  To learn more, visit the Love ‘Em And Leave ‘Em website.

Eric is home for a couple of weeks, and boy is life different with him around.  Both Wednesday and Thursday of this week were gorgeous fall days—perfect for raking, weeding and mulching.  They are the kind of days I usually look back on with regret for not doing the work in the garden I always tell myself I’m going to do.  Well, once my husband headed out to do all the raking and mulching I’d intended to take care of while he was working in New Orleans for the past month, I was suddenly motivated to grab my gardening gloves.

Our vegetable garden this year was an improvement.  (I can’t even think about the 2012 garden without cringing).  While we still fell short of our goals for garden maintenance and production, we did grow enough peas, beans, tomatoes, basil, lettuce and leafy greens to pick and eat something every day for most of the summer and early fall.  But once the food source was depleted, my attention to weeding and effective use of our compost system grew ever more non-existent.  With an eye toward spring, and thanks to inspiration from Eric, I finally did at least some of that digging and weeding I’d been meaning to do for months.  Fall Gardening

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