Harbor Square, Market Square, and Overcrowded Housing

At last week’s Village Board of Trustees work session we discussed the legal agreement being negotiated between Harbor Square and the village; how to proceed with consideration of developing the parking lots in the heart of our downtown; and ways to address overcrowded housing.  If any of these issues are concerns of yours, I encourage you to click here and VIEW VIDEO to watch the February 26 Work Session.

At this week’s legislative session we voted unanimously to approve the legal document discussed in the above linked video.  Regular readers of this blog will recall I expressed some of my reservations about Harbor Square in last fall’s The Developer We’ve Got post.  I continue to have those concerns.  But it is not in Ossining’s best interest to have a stagnant construction site on our waterfront.  Something needs to happen.  At Wednesday night’s vote I again expressed to Joe Dezeigelewski, Martin Ginsburg’s representative, my emphatic request that they build it now, build it well, or get out of the way.  Click here and VIEW VIDEO to watch the relatively brief March 5 meeting.

Snowy MarketThe potential development of parking lots at Market Square and in front of the post office will have dramatic impact on the economic viability of our downtown.  Any development in the village—commercial, residential or retail—must be responsive to the needs and priorities of Ossining residents.  Click here to read the final report submitted by the Downtown Revitalization Group consultants.  I believe firmly that the next step in consideration of this potential development is to reach out directly to Ossining residents, the Historic Preservation Commission, the Ossining School District, the Greater Ossining Chamber of Commerce, and current downtown business owners to ensure this major decision about our community’s future reflects the values of a broad cross-section of residents, not just a handful of village officials.

Upon the request of myself and fellow trustees, Village Manager Richard Leins presented a collection of laws currently in place in surrounding communities designed to help address the problem of overcrowded housing.  We will be considering multiple approaches.

What do you think about these issues?

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