Deadline on Friday!

Friday is the deadline.  Since I announced my candidacy for mayor, this will be the first campaign finance report filed with the NYS Board of Elections.  A healthy campaign fund is one quantifiable way to demonstrate the viability of a campaign.  Will you help demonstrate the strength of this campaign by donating today?

200 MainLast week’s success of tabling a decision about 200 Main Street illustrated two important truths:

Ossining needs new leadership that fights for a vibrant downtown economy; and
Village government serves the public best when community members engage in the process.

I was heartened by the number of residents who made their voices heard via email, social media and at the board meeting.  Like me, these concerned citizens know that Ossining needs a vibrant downtown economy—and we need to do better than office space at the gateway to Main Street.  Yes, we must get buildings back on the tax roles.  It is also critical that Ossining has leaders who are forward thinking in our decision making.  Our children and grandchildren will live with the decisions made by the village government today.

In four terms as mayor, my opponent has never inspired or invited so much public engagement. Bravo to everyone who responded to calls from me, Omar, and fellow concerned community members who asked, can’t Ossining do better?

We need a change—aren’t there term limits?  That’s a question I often hear when residents learn that my opponent is seeking a fifth term. No, there are not term limits.  The power to make change is in the hands of the people.  Beating an incumbent is challenging.  Thanks to the support of so many community members, we are on a path to victory for Ossining.  Will you be part of this campaign’s success?  The costs leading up to the September 9 Democratic primary represent the biggest chunk of our campaign budget.

VicForMayor Dieline Sticker1000 stickers = $505

1000 palm cards = $260

100 direct mail pieces = $71

10 lawn signs = $44

Your donation right now at whatever level is right for your family, will have an especially strong impact.

The more progress we make, the more outrageous and inflammatory the reaction from my opponent’s supporters.  The latest approach by that campaign is to create online aliases and then accuse me of being misleading.  Special thanks to everyone who has made a statement on social media about issues that impact our village without hiding behind a fictitious persona.  This is a campaign about community members, real people, working together to make Ossining better.

Petition Buddy V&LThanks for all of your help getting us this far.  We’ve had a very strong petition season thanks to the support of the Ossining Democratic Committee, and individual volunteers knocking on doors gathering signatures from registered Democrats and Independents.  Thank you!

A huge thanks to everyone who has already contributed to the campaign, and to those of you who are making a special contribution right now.

I look forward to a summer of hearing from community members about how to bring change to Ossining.

Many thanks,


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