10 Ways to Support the Campaign

VOTE logo1)  Vote!  Voter turnout will be critical to the campaign’s success!  Even if you don’t live in the Village, you surely know someone who does.  The toughest part of this election is expected to be the Democratic primary on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9.  Please mark your calendar!  Though I was overwhelmingly endorsed to be the Democratic candidate, the incumbent mayor is collecting signatures to force a Democratic primary.

2)  Register…Update Registration…Get Someone to Register  If you, or someone you know, is not yet be registered to vote (think recent OHS grads…) please register to vote now.  Ossining Village Democrats please vote in person or by absentee ballot in the September 9 primary.  If you have moved or changed your name, now is the time to update your registration so that you are voting in the proper election district.  If you are registered with another party or with no party, I hope you’ll support me on November 4.  Unfortunately, no last minute party switches allowed—currently registered voters that become Democrats now could vote in a Democratic primary for the first time in 2015.

Are you like many people—you hate politicians and partisanship and don’t want to align yourself with any political party?  A totally reasonable conclusion.  However, folks who are unaffiliated with any party do not have the opportunity to vote in primary elections—not just with presidential candidates, with mayoral candidates too.  I love to vote and can’t imagine abdicating the opportunity to have my say anytime the voting booths are open.

No matter where you live, or how you’re registered, you can help…

july-4-fireworks3)  Fireworks Helpers  Are you going to attend the fireworks on Friday, July 11 at the Ossining waterfront?  We will be in front of the Ossining Boat & Canoe Club at 7:00pm on handing out campaign stickers, palm cards and petitions.  Will you help the campaign have visibility at the event by putting campaign stickers on any willing child (or adult), thus creating walking billboards?  If you are a registered Democrat (village residency not required!!) this is your last chance to carry a petition and collect signatures to help get the endorsed Democratic candidates on the ballot.

4)   Donate Money  Banners, lawn signs, palm cards, direct mailings…campaign costs add up.  But fundraising is not only important for paying the bills, it is a quantifiable way for candidates to demonstrate our viability.  July 11 is the last date that will be included in this next Board of Elections Campaign Finance filing.  It is essential that our campaign demonstrates a healthy balance.  If you’re considering donating (again) to the campaign, now is a high-impact time to do it.

Steve Worthy & Vic5)  Host or Attend a Meet Up  Throughout the summer I’ll be meeting up with community members at playgrounds, coffee shops, living rooms, backyard BBQs, and anywhere else I can find people who care about the future of Ossining.  Help me fill my calendar and invite your friends to join the conversation.

6)  Walk With Me  Retail politics is key to the success of this campaign.  My intention is to knock on doors and shake hands with as many potential voters as possible before the September 9 primary.  It is very helpful to have someone walk with me to keep me on track.

7)  Write a Letter  Letters to the Editor can have a powerful impact.  Prospective voters really care what their neighbors think about a candidate.  If you don’t like to write, but are happy to sign a letter that reflects your beliefs, we can help with a draft letter.  If you are a great writer, you can help too!

Tracee Badge Pic8)  Spread the Word on Social Media  Please find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.  Then like and comment on my posts.  Also, anytime you see me, let’s take a pic and post it on both our social media accounts.  On the flip side, anytime a post or comments are criticizing me directly or indirectly, shift the conversation to be supportive of my campaign. @CitizenMama #victoria4mayor

9)  Lend Your Talents  What do you do really well?  Right now I am so grateful to Tracee Vetting Wolf for generously sharing her talents to create upcycled bags with these campaign patches sewn on.  These will be very special gifts to the most generous and helpful campaign volunteers.

10)  Give My Kids a Break  Pax and Levon are two very active boys who love their mama.  But they love running around kicking a soccer ball a whole lot better than campaigning.  If you are able to host a play date with my boys, that would be a welcome break for them and a huge help for the campaign.  

Tell us how you can help…

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  1. NOTE: Jennifer Tawil will be in front of the Ossining Boat & Canoe Club at 7:00pm on THURSDAY, July 3 handing out stickers, palm cards and petitions.

    I mistakenly stated Wednesday when this post was originally published. Ooops. Parking can be tough, but no need to arrive a day early! 😉

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