Enough Grandstanding, Ossining Needs Leaders to Work With the Community

Screenshot 2018-10-25 11.33.19Last night my opponent opened the meeting by attacking my campaign with misguided and desperate threats. Everything in my statement, posted last Friday is accurate and true. I am the candidate with the maturity and knowledge base to keep Ossining on an upward trajectory, as I have for two terms. No amount of noise or threats will change that.
Following my opponent’s opening statement at the work session, several of us engaged in a discussion about the Safe Housing Community Partners meeting that the Village convened earlier this week. Around minute 17 of the video, I comment on my experience working with leaders in land use planning and economic development in both the public and private sector, and further clarify my statement of what makes for a wise approach to thoughtful economic development.
Click here to read my written statement about the Downtown Revitalization Initiative grant and my call for the Village to reopen the Comprehensive Plan. Instead of making a spectacle our public meetings, we need Village government to lead an intelligent process for engaging the community in shaping the future of Ossining.

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