The Ossining Side of the Hudson

“The 38th District…A River Runs Through It”  That was the phrase suggested by our host Miguel Hernandez at a weekend gathering with NYS Senator David Carlucci.  David Carlucci himself recognized that the senate district line established earlier this year carving Ossining off of Westchester and connecting us with Rockland was ridiculous.  Nonetheless, he has embraced his constituents on our side of the Hudson.

My husband Eric and I enjoyed a lovely evening in the beauty and relative cool of Miguel & Tamsen Hernandez’ yard on Saturday.  This was not our first opportunity to engage with David Carlucci.  I’m aware of several previous occasions when the senator has been in Ossining getting to know us, and our concerns.  Perhaps you shook hands with him at the Ossining Fair, Portuguese Day, or the St. Augustine’s Fair.  He may even have knocked on your door in June when he was gathering signatures for petitions.

The first time I met Senator Carlucci was at a Westchester fundraiser this spring.   When I mentioned my work as a liaison for Energize Ossining, he immediately recognized how the On-Bill Payment legislation he had recently helped pass in Albany, was both confusing to homeowners as well as extremely beneficial to anyone interested in making their home more energy efficient with no out-of-pocket expenses.

The next time you see Senator Carlucci, I encourage you to engage him in a conversation on an issue that matters to you.  He’s likely to be knowledgeable about any NYS legislation related to your concern.  David Carlucci embodies much of what we hope for from an elected official—intelligence, a sincere interest in the concerns and ideas of others, and a dedication to serving the people of his district.

I expect we will be seeing even more of Senator Carlucci and his staff when they open their Ossining office at 80 Spring Street on August 15th.  I appreciate former Mayor Hernandez’ sentiment that the Hudson River flowing through the 38th District may be viewed as a force that unites us.  Surely we do share many of the same concerns as voters on the west side of the Hudson.  And now that we also share a senator, an awareness of Rockland’s interests adds a new element to the glorious sunsets that celebrate the close of each day on the Ossining side of NYS Senate District 38.

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  1. Great write up and very nice for him. I assume you made sure that he saw it. I still think the way the district is set up is very stupid, but the “River Runs Through It” is a very good line.

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