Governing with Courage

In discussions around the village, I’m finding that some community members misunderstand my position on preserving Ossining’s charter village status.

I have never advocated for dissolving the village, and I do not believe it would be good for Ossining.  Beyond the importance of honoring our rich history, there are powers and autonomy inherent in being a charter village that we would be foolish to give up.  I do, however, believe leaders should explore more opportunities for shared services to reduce redundancy and save tax dollars.

Carolyn Mackie Oss PicAs Albany pushes us to work harder at finding further opportunities for consolidation, village officials must hold the interest of the people of Ossining as our highest priority in all decision making.  Ossining already has over a dozen fiscally wise inter-municipal agreements that do not undermine our autonomy.

It is time for change in Ossining—time to shake up the status quo.

This mayoral race is about electing the person who will best serve our community.  I’ll always strive to work with political courage for the people of Ossining.


3 thoughts on “Governing with Courage

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  1. well said….i have to ask about the picture. I have stared at it for a few minutes! Is it photo shopped?? Is that really how the buildings stack up from that unique angle on the aqueduct i am guessing…. I absolutely love it! Thanks,erin

    PS I am a registered democrat! yay

    1. I’ll ask Carolyn Mackie where she was standing, but I’m quite sure this is not photoshopped. She’s a photographer who grew up in Ossining and now lives in TX. I’m a great admirer of her work. She visits Ossining often, and always takes remarkable photos while she’s here. I’m grateful she gave me permission to include her beautiful pic in this post.

      1. I reached out to Carolyn. Here’s her reply…
        That is exactly as they stack up. The only editing was done in lightroom, clarity etc. The photo was shot on Ann street in trees to the right of that brown house that is boarded up. No adjustment has been do in building placement.

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